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School Year 2014/2015

Welcome to Grand Valley State University!

As a service to our students, Grand Valley State University offers an opportunity to enroll in a Student Health Insurance Plan through Student Assurance Services.  This plan is available to any student registered at Grand Valley State University and attending classes.  Columbian Life Insurance Company underwrites the plan.  We are pleased to offer and recommend this plan for all GVSU students.

It is important that you consider this program or one of your own choice. Please be aware that the University’s liability insurance program does not cover injury or sickness sustained by a student; even if these activities result from class or group participation activities such as intramural sports or drama.  We encourage you to review your medical insurance coverage to assure that it is adequate.  If you do not have coverage, we strongly recommend that you purchase a policy.

This insurance plan complies with the minimum annual limit requirements for student plans as required by the Affordable Care Act. Please note that the minimum annual limits required by the Act for individual and group plans are different. Also, students may be eligible for coverage under a parent’s group or individual policy until age 26.

This plan provides basic accident and sickness coverage at a reasonable cost, $1,394 annually for a student only and $5,107 annually for each dependent.  Enrollment in this plan provides coverage 24 hours a day worldwide, during the term of the student’s policy.  Look at the bottom of this page for further details concerning open enrollment periods, eligibility and costs. 

This policy includes Global Emergency Service benefits and 24 hour assistance for students traveling away from school, including overseas.  It also includes access to the “Ask Mayo Clinic: 24 Hour Nurse Hotline” to help students determine the appropriate level of care for illness and injuries.

An identification card will be issued and sent to you within five working days of the receipt of your enrollment form and payment.  This will be your only evidence of official enrollment in the plan.  Please carry it with you at all times.  Grand Valley State University will retain the master policy.

To supplement your student insurance coverage, GVSU Students have the opportunity to purchase a Best Benefits Discount Card.  The cost of this card is $30, and the discounts are up to 30% on Prescription Drugs, up to 50% at participating dentists and up to 60% on the purchase of vision products.  Note: you do not have to purchase the Student Assurance Services policy to take advantage of this benefit.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please feel free to contact Student Assurance Services at 1-800-328-2739.

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