Faculty/Staff Guidelines for Responding to Subpoenas

During the course of employment, faculty/staff may receive a subpoena regarding a university legal matter or records. Most subpoenas can be handled by the department who stores the requested records; while some require assistance from the University Counsel Office (UCO). Upon receipt of a subpoena, please consult the guidelines below to determine the appropriate course of action. Contact the University Counsel Office at x12067 with questions or concerns regarding the subpoena process.

Questions about the subpoena: If the answer is: Then:
1. How did you recieve the subpoena?
a) By mail a) Proceed to Question 2 b) Being served in person b) STOP- CONTACT THE UCO EXT 1-2067 2. Who signed and/or issued the subpoena?
a) Michigan Judge or Attorney1 a) Proceed to Question 3 b) Issed by the State of MI b) Proceed to Question 3 c) Issued by a Federal Court of Federal Agency c) STOP- CONTACT THE UCO EXT 1-2067 3. Where was the subpoena issued?
a) In Michigan a) Proceed to Question 4 b) Not issued in Michigan b) STOP- CONTACT UCO 1-2067 4. What type of subpoena is it?
a) subpoena to appear a) STOP- CONTACT UCO 1-2067 b) supoena to inspect records b) STOP- CONTACT UCO 1-2067 c) supoena to produce records c) Proceed to Question i. if you want to verify the validity of the subpoena you can contact the UCO ii. if you think the subpoena is requesting confidential or pr

1To verify Michigan attorney status, enter attorney or judge name at