Featured Stories of Donors

"It is a joy to honor this nurse  as a gifted leader, who  knows what it means to do the hard work necessary to transform cultures into those that provide the best places to give and receive care.  She was a leader from an early age and has never lost her desire to make a difference in the way care is delivered.”
"Catherine was an immigrant nurse midwife, whose love for families was at the heart of her work and the very foundation of my family and my development. This gift honors her as a nurse,  grandmother and gifted leader. Her communication, compassion and caring were central to the way she interacted with patients and within our family. Her daily life provided the world an exemplary model of a good human being and the inspiration for me to become a nurse.”


To honor a patient, health care provider, student or health care champion with a donation that supports the work of The Wesorick Center please click on one of the tiles below.



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