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Bonnie Wesorick, 1964 Nurse on a Mission

Celebrate National Nurses Week 2014, 
May 6-12thThrough our Honor a Nurse initiative, you can recognize a nurse who has made a difference through leadership and dedication to the profession. 
By clicking here and visiting our website you can make a contribution to the 
Bonnie Wesorick Center for Health CareTransformation to honor a nurse who you most respect or who touched your life in a special or unique way.  Each honored nurse can be recognized on our Wesorick Center website and sent a card recognizing his/her contributions.
Please let us know if you would like your honor to appear on our website.

*Photo: Bonnie Wesorick, 1964, Nurse on a Mission.

Read Bonnie Wesorick’s recent article, "Polarity thinking : A skill for Interprofessional Integration." Click here to access the journal article. 

Save the Date: Summer Polarity 3-Day Workshop (Foundational and Advanced). Click here to view the flyer!

















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