Women and Gender Studies

Description: WeekleyDr. Ayana Weekley
Assistant Professor



At GVSU I teach: WGS 200: Introduction to Gender Studies, WGS 380: Introduction to Black Feminist Theory, and the Capstone course WGS 495.



My research and teaching interests include race, gender, and the HIV/AIDS epidemic, black feminist studies and black sexualities.

My dissertation Now That’s a Good Girl: Discourses of African American Women, HIV/AIDS, and Respectability draws upon black feminist theory, black queer studies, and HIV/AIDS cultural studies to examine discursive representations of African American women and the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Focusing on three salient epidemiological time periods during the epidemic for black women (the late eighties, mid-nineties, and post- 2001), I examine concurrent responses within African American popular discourses and the ways in which responded to and framed the epidemic in black Americans. I employ an interdisciplinary approach to studying race, gender, and HIV/AIDS which includes examining discourses of the nation-state, produced by state agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control and prevention, popular representations in novels, magazines, and film, and activist responses to the epidemic that together, provide unique ways of understanding the meanings and trajectories of the epidemic and its significations.



“Don't We All Want the Same Things?: Race, Feminist Theory, and the Feminist Classroom” in Transformations: The Journal of Inclusive Scholarship and Pedagogy, Vol. XXII no. 2



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