Women and Gender Studies

Description: Mason

Dr. Julia Mason
Associate Professor





I routinely teach: WGS 280: Gender and Popular Culture, WGS 490: Women’s Community Collaborative, WGS 355: Women, Health and the Environment and WGS 200: Introduction to Gender Studies.



My research centers on feminist critique of popular culture in two distinct but related areas. The first is the close examination of breast health related content in mainstream magazines, which typically fail to place breast cancer within the contexts of the oppression of women, medical paternalism, and economic disparity. The second focus of my research is images and messages of motherhood in contemporary popular television dramas. I focus on a subset of television mothers who are framed as outlaws as a means to understand and challenge more traditional messages about mothering.


“‘Lessons to Learn’: Constructions of Femininity in Popular Magazine Breast Health Narratives” Gender Forum Issue 26 Fall, 2009.

 “The Selling of Breast Cancer: A Feminist Critique of Breast Cancer Related Advertisements” in Women, Wellness and Media edited by Margaret Wiley Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008.

Unsexing Gender, Engendering Activism: Readings in Gender Studies. Edited with Danielle DeMuth. Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt, 2009. Print.

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