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Indulge in a Cause: Women's Center Fundraiser

Why haven't I received my Indulge in a Cause 2014 invitation?
We have some new and exciting fund development initatives this year! 

Read this letter from our Director, Jessica Jennrich, for more details:

Will you be our Valentine?

Ten years ago, the Women’s Center launched Indulge in a Cause to foster community through sharing our stories and providing financial support for the Center, all while indulging in delicious chocolate of course!

What could be sweeter this year than considering a donation in honor of the 10th anniversary of Indulge in a Cause?  Don’t worry; while we won’t be hosting Indulge in a Cause this year, you are always welcome to visit our office and indulge in some chocolate with our talented staff and students.

As the new GVSU Women’s Center Director I was honored to join this institution because of the legacy of hands-on work with women. With your support, we will be able to strengthen the Center’s commitment to a vibrant liberal arts undergraduate education and support for innovation that changes the lives of women and girls across West Michigan and around the world.

With your renewed support, the Women’s Center will have the capacity and resources to carrying on existing initiatives while developing new efforts that incorporate our vision for the future.

Here are some examples of what your funds will support:

South Africa Study Abroad Program: This service-learning oriented trip studies gender issues in the region and explores global feminist perspectives in Cape Town, South Africa allowing students to deeply engage with the local community in a meaningful and impactful way.

Women’s Leadership House: This residential effort provides a small community at a large university. Through interaction with committed faculty and staff, residents become civically engaged and evolve into strong and effective women leaders.

Student Food Pantry: Obtaining an adequate food supply is a major component of financial stress. We educate the community about inadequate nutrition decreasing academic performance while providing short-term solutions to those in need.

Non-Traditional Student Scholarship: This scholarship is designed to support the academic success of non-traditional students who have unique pathways to education including child/family responsibilities or other exceptional life circumstances.

Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Grant: We are proud to announce the renewal of our VAWA grant allowing us to continue to engage in victim-centered work while expanding to provide new bystander prevention efforts that engage the entire GVSU community.

Undergraduate Integrated Scholarship Initiative: Utilizing the faculty of GVSU in diverse departments, we are building a gender justice research community where undergraduates can be guided by faculty and at all levels of the research process to create original scholarship.

As my family and I have had the pleasure of becoming a part of GVSU and the West Michigan community, I have learned that the GVSU Women’s Center is a place of limitless possibility. Thanks to your encouragement and support, the Center’s mission has come alive through effective education, engagement, and empowerment opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and community members.

We ask you to consider a financial donation in order to continue supporting our efforts as we move forward in our next era of collaboration. A gift form has been enclosed for your convenience or you may choose to give online at I hope to soon meet you and learn what excites you about the work we do!


Jessica Jennrich, PhD

Director, GVSU Women’s Center

p.s. Thank you for making us your Valentine through your renewed gift to the GVSU Women’s Center.


Page last modified February 17, 2014