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WIVC Volunteer Spotlight: Erika Tomaszewski

Erika Tomaszewski, a junior and social work major at the GVSU, has begun her first semester of volunteering with exemplary dedication. She has already volunteered at six events so far, including the Girl Scouts STEM event and the day of service at Gilda’s Club. We sat down with Erika to learn a little more about her volunteer experience with the WIVC.

               Erika initially joined the WIVC to fulfill hours for a class, but says she chose the Women’s Center in particular because “they have a lot of different organizations that they volunteer with so you get a really broad variety even though it’s mostly women’s issues.” This, she says, is why she plans to continue volunteering through the WIVC. Of the events she has participated in so far she cites the Girl Scout STEM event as her favorite, explaining, “I used to be a Girl Scout, so seeing how [the girls] ask questions and that kind of thing was cool. … They ask questions about Grand Valley and I was able to help them with that, too.” She also says that she looks forward to volunteering at the Center for Women in Transition. She has never volunteered at a shelter before so, as this is a novel opportunity for her, she is excited at the prospect.

               As a social work major she appreciates the ability to volunteer and network with other students of the same major and hear their stories, which she says, “is a really life changing experience.” She explains why she became a social work major: “I’ve volunteered since I was a little girl so it’s always something I’ve been a part of. I’ve seen people in my family have to use services and that kind of thing. It’s very humbling. … Not only that, but I want to make a difference in my lifetime even if it’s something minimal.” Erika’s efforts have not gone unnoticed, so far this semester she is one of the WIVC’s most active members, and she is already geared up to participate at future events and programs through the Women’s Center.


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