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Green Infrastructure - Data Sharing

Recommendation Overview

Protect Critical Biodiversity Areas

Support Development of Trails and Greenway Network

Encourage Regional Watershed and Management Planning

Protect Our Dunes and Shoreline

Promote Integration of Green Infrastructure in Urban Settings

Promote Regional Farmland Preservation

Local Implementation

Data Sharing

Data Sharing Goals:

  • Identify common information needs useful in the management of urban growth, green infrastructure, and other issues of environmental and economic sustainability in the Metro Tri-plex area.
  • Identify existing and potential obstacles to the collection and maintenance of new GIS data.
  • Promote efficient and cost effective GIS data development

Potential Partnerships for Data Sharing:

Grand Valley Metro Council - Regional Geographic Information System (REGIS)
Ottawa County GIS Coordinator
Newaygo County GIS Coordinator
West Michigan Shoreline Regional Development Commission
Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber (FTC&H)
West Michigan Strategic Alliance
Michigan Center for Geographic Information (CGI)
Muskegon County Equalization/GIS Coordinator
Allegan County GIS Coordinator

Potential Data Needs:

Land Use Updates
Model Development
Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) Imagery
Satellite Imagery
Shuttle Radar Imagery
Water Quality Data
Air Quality Data
Sensitive Habitats/Wetlands
Climate and Meteorological Statistics
US Census Population/Housing Statistics
Crime Statistics
Parcel Maps
Groundwater Data base
Committed Greenspace
Homeland Security/Emergency Planning
Health System Needs

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