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Green Infrastructure - Protect Critical Biodiversity Areas

Recommendation Overview

Protect Critical Biodiversity Areas

Support Development of Trails and Greenway Network

Encourage Regional Watershed and Management Planning

Protect Our Dunes and Shoreline

Promote Integration of Green Infrastructure in Urban Settings

Promote Regional Farmland Preservation

Local Implementation

Data Sharing

Critical biodiversity areas are those that are important for preserving the viability of native species and natural ecosystems over the next 100 years. These areas are not the only areas that need to be preserved. However, they do represent the highest priority areas whose preservation is important for maintaining biodiversity throughout the region. Their selection is based on scientific assessments of conservation targets (such as key species and ecological communities) and conservation goals (the number and location of targets).

The Process for Targeting Critical Biodiversity Areas

The Nature Conservancy uses a disciplined five step process for defining priorities for biodiversity conservation. The goal is to be able to protect a full range of biodiversity in a region over a 100 year time frame.

Key Conservation Targets by Area



  • Target at least 18,000 acres of priority ecosystems for preservation over the next 25 years.
  • Develop a regional coalition of non-profits, governmental units and business interests to focus on these critical green infrastructure elements.


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