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Green Infrastructure - Protect our Dunes and Shoreline

Recommendation Overview

Protect Critical Biodiversity Areas

Support Development of Trails and Greenway Network

Encourage Regional Watershed and Management Planning

Protect Our Dunes and Shoreline

Promote Integration of Green Infrastructure in Urban Settings

Promote Regional Farmland Preservation

Local Implementation

Data Sharing

The shoreline and dunes are one of our unique assets in West Michigan, and thus it is our responsibility to preserve and protect these special places. The Lake Michigan shoreline is an environmental asset to our community that greatly adds to the attractiveness of living in West Michigan. Protecting these areas will require a coordinated effort among all of our coastal communities.

We have, up to this point, managed our open space protection strategy for our coast line in a fragmented way. While we have had successes, they could benefit greatly from a more coordinated and strategic approach that recognizes the shared interest that our entire region has in this precious commodity.


  • Create a Shoreline Community Alliance to develop a coast open space strategy for the region.


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