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Kent County Septage Management Program - Why Kent County?

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Each Kent County housing unit is estimated to contribute 200 gallons of "treated" sewage into the groundwater every day. While municipal wastewater treatment plants continue to expand, expected population growth and the escalating cost of waste treatment services make it impossible for local government to meet the expected demand.

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The current population of Kent County is more than 574,000 and is projected to increase 30% by the year 2015, with residential land use increasing more than 150,000 acres. It is not likely that municipal wastewater facilities can expand to accommodate this growth, so a large number of households will rely on on-site septic systems to handle their waste. Kent County Health Department monitoring has revealed frequent and persistent problems with bacterial contamination in several Kent County lakes and streams (Bear Creek, Buck Creek, Coldwater River, Duke Creek, Flat River, Grand River, Long Lake, Mill Creek, Myers Lake, Plaster Creek, Rogue River, Tyler Creek and Reeds Lake).

Page last modified March 11, 2014