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Muskegon Area Sustainablity Coalition - A Shared Vision for the Muskegon Community

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Clearly, the Muskegon Community has done a great deal in recent years to become more competitive in regional, national, and international markets; to acknowledge and protect its many natural resources; and has given increased attention to its cultural diversity and special needs.  It has done this with the intent to preserve and improve the quality of life for all its residents.  Taking these accomplishments the next step forward, members of the Muskegon Community have begun to unite as a coalition to promote a shared vision for a Sustainable Muskegon.  While many goals/objectives and expected outcomes will evolve in time as the coalition itself begins to mature and establish priorities for action, there are several objectives which will receive initial priority.

  1. establish a guiding framework for sustainability
  2. improve coordination between public and private sectors
  3. increase involvement from key government and business leaders
  4. implement a strategy to gather data, monitor progress, and ensure continued improvements
  5. promote sustainability goals and report on the success that we currently enjoy
  6. identify and educate others regarding sustainability best practices
  7. evaluate effectiveness of our sustainability programs and initiatives

Ultimately, by accomplishing these and other yet to be identified objectives will result in the following outcomes:

  1. Economic success for the entire Muskegon region
  2. protected air and water quality
  3. high quality wildlife habitats and natural areas
  4. increased access to recreational resources by all residents
  5. reduced crime and safer neighborhoods
  6. increased and sustainable employment
  7. efficient transportation systems
  8. affordable housing for all Muskegon area residents
  9. conservation of energy and non-renewable resources

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