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Stormwater Management Project - Who is Addressing Stormwater Issues?

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Stormwater Task Force
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Stormwater Task Force

During the summer of 1999, the Kent County Drain Commissioner received inquiries from a number of townships within Kent County asking if there was a model storm water ordinance in existence. In response, the Drain Commissioner appointed a Stormwater Task Force in September 1999 whose mission was to review storm water ordinances from different units of government in order to improve on Kent County's standard rules and regulations.

Once the Stormwater Tools project was underway in April 2000, the Kent County Stormwater Task Force drew in more interested parities. There are approximately forty members of the group including representatives from both public and private interests. The Stormwater Task Force provides specific guidelines and tools for storm water management.

Driving Forces

canoe picSeveral forces contribute to the need for a Stormwater Task Force and Storm Water Tools program in Kent County. These forces include the following:

- There are varying policies at the regional and local level to address storm water issues.Historically, storm water policies addressed quantity issues as opposed to quality issues. Most storm water issues are dealt with on a project by project basis and water quality issues are not addressed. There is a need to also include policies on stream bank erosion, chemical constituents, and recreational and aesthetic values.

- There is a desire to protect and restore the quality of life in the region.
Population estimates for Kent County indicate that the population is expected to increase from 580,000 in the year 2000 to 834,000 in 2020. A regional storm water program should be developed to plan carefully for this growth to minimize any adverse impacts.

- There is a need for a shared vision and consistent regulations in the region.
Currently, storm water management is carried out by several different agencies, each with their own objectives. In order for storm water management to be effective, there must be a shared vision by both upstream and downstream communities in how to manage storm water runoff.

Task Force Members

Kent County Drain Commissioner
Roger Laninga (Chair)
Dick Connell
Jeff Gritter
Doug Sporte

Alpine Township
Mark Fleet
Sharon Steffens
Frank Wash

Caledonia Township
John Wallace

Cannon Township
Bonnie Shupe

Center for Environmental Study
Rick Sullivan

City of Grand Rapids Environmental Protection
Service Department

Eric DeLong
Randy Lemoine
Corky Overmyer
Chuck Schroeder
John Schaut

City of Walker
Scott Conners

City of Wyoming
Jerry Snyder

Courtland Township
Jerry Lyon

Dykema Excavating
Mike Berg

Earth Tech
Aaron Volkening

Exxel Engineering
Todd Stuive

Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber
Wendy Ogilvie
Jim Smalligan

Grand Valley Metropolitan Council
Andy Bowman
Jerry Felix

GVSU - Annis Water Resources Institute
Sarah Allerding
Mia DeBruyne
Rod Denning
John Koches
Nichol Stout

Grand Rapids Area Home Builders Association
Tom Shearer

Izaak Walton League
John Trimberger

Kent County Conservation District
Lisa Vazquez

Kent County Road Commission
Wayne Harrall

Medema, Van Kooten and Associates
Dale Van Kooten

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
Dave Drullinger
Mark Fife
Dave Fongers
George Hosek
Steve Houtteman
Amy Peterson
Ralph Reznick
Luis Saldivia
Janice Tompkins

Plainfield Township
Wendell Briggs
Dave Groenleer
Bob Homan

Prein & Newhof
Dennis Cole
Jim Kirkwood

Timberland RC&D
Cynthia Price

West Michigan Environmental Action Council
Tom Cary
Patricia Pennell
Vincent Ferrarese

Legal Issues Subcommittee,
Storm Water Management Task Force

Jeffrey S. Ammon - Miller, Johnson, Snell & Cummiskey
Clifford H. Bloom - Law, Weathers & Richardson PC
James R. Brown - Mika, Meyers, Beckett & Jones PLC
Richard W. Butler, Jr. - Richard W. Butler, Jr. PLC
Jeffrey V.H. Sluggett - Law, Weathers & Richardson PC

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Key Contacts

Nichol Stout
Former Project Manager

Roger Laninga
Former Kent County Drain Commissioner


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