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Sustainable Muskegon Metro - Synopsis

Developing a Sustainable Strategy for the City of
Muskegon and its Urban Area

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The City of Muskegon is located in one of the fastest growing and most prosperous economic regions in Michigan, the Grand Rapids-Muskegon-Holland metropolitan statistical area (MSA). It is ironic then that the city continues to suffer from significant and long-term social and economic challenges. While this area Muskegon Shorelineremains depressed, Muskegon's Central Business District (CBD) is experiencing a rebirth. Community leaders and area stakeholders have developed a vision that integrates social equity, economic vitality, and environmental integrity as part of the planning process for their new downtown. This proposal capitalizes on this redevelopment effort to involve some of the key leaders, active stakeholders, and university researchers in an effort to create a Sustainability Strategy which not only includes the CBD but the entire Greater Muskegon Urban Area and ultimately the west Michigan region.

Participating Investigators:

  • Rodney Denning - Annis Water Resources Institute
  • Mark Hoffman, PhD - School of Public & Nonprofit Administration
  • Richard Jelier, PhD - School of Public & Nonprofit Administration
  • John Koches - Annis Water Resources Institute
  • Mary McDonald - Johnson Center for Philanthropy, Comm. Research Ins.
  • Gustavo Rotondaro - Johnson Center for Philanthropy, Comm. Research Ins.

Contact Information:

  • John K. Koches                                616-331-3792 (Office)
    Lake Michigan Center                       616-331-3792 (Fax)
    740 W. Shoreline Drive           
    Muskegon, Michigan 49441              

Land Policy Program Area:

  • Primary Program Area - Revitalizing Michigan Cities
  • Secondary Program Areas - Sustaining Michigan's Water and Natural Resources and
    Related Industries; and Data Collection, Information, and Analysis for Improving Land Use Policy

Click Here for the Sustainability Survey Form
Click Here to Download a Poster Presented at the MSU Land Use Summit
Click here to download the final report, "A Sustainable Strategy for the City of Muskegon and its Urban Area"

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