AWRI Ruetz

David Janetski, Ph.D.

Post-doctoral Researcher


131 Lake Michigan Center

740 West Shoreline Drive

Muskegon, MI 49441

(616) 331-3722

General Information:

  • Curriculum Vitae [pdf]
  • Ph.D. - University of Notre Dame 2012
  • M.Sc. - Brigham Young University 2006
  • B.Sc. - Brigham Young University 2004

Research Interests:

Stream and river ecology, fisheries, ecosystem effects of exotic species, context dependency of animal-environment interactions, resource subsidies, ecosystem engineering, metacommunities, salmonids


  • Stream ecology (hydrology, nutrient dynamics, animal-environment interactions, energy flow, macroinvertebrate ecology)
  • Fisheries ecology and conservation
  • Biological dispersal of organic pollutants
  • Metacommunities
  • Human activitiy and Great Lakes ecology
  • Meta-analysis

Current Projects:

  • Connectivity and metacommunity dynamics: spatial and temporal patterns in fish community structure in connected drowned river mouth lakes
  • Turbulent Particle Transport in Streams: Implications for Benthic Macroinvertebrate Drift
  • Conservation of native fish communities in tributaries to the Great Lakes: Predicting the impacts of contaminants delivered by spawning Pacific salmon

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