Department of Writing

As I grew nearer and nearer to the end of my college career, I was getting more and more nervous. As a creative writing major there are very few options available to you other than a "starving artist," and as I have been a starving college student for almost four years, I really didn't want that as a career. I knew that an internship would be a major key to getting a job after graduation. What employer is going to want someone for a writing position that has only worked in food service? I'd been considering an internship for a while but always thought I had plenty of time to get one; and then suddenly, my time flies; it was my last full year at GVSU.  I was pressed for time with no idea what kind of job I would get without any work experience.
So I began my search. I began by meeting with the Internship Coordinator as I had no idea where to begin looking. She advised me on where to look, career services, the board in the writing department, and also told me she would e-mail me with various opportunities. I also accepted an invitation to an online group that would make me aware of different internships. It was through this group that I got lucky. I had been looking for about a month and had applied and been rejected for one, when I received an e-mail about an opening for an Intern at Fountain Hill Center for Counseling and Consultation.
The requirements and the environment seemed to be what I was looking for, so not really expecting anything, I prepared my resume. I had shown it to a professor for a previous opportunity and gotten feedback on its strong and weak points, I knew it still needed a little work but I sent it in anyway. I received a call a few days later asking me to come in for an interview.
This was where I would have normally started to get worried. Interviews had never been my strongest point. I had been on one previously where I tried memorizing and planning everything I would say; I ended up stuttering and trailing off which probably didn't look good. But for this interview, I actually wasn't really expecting to get hired. It was so early in my search and I had really applied on a whim. So when I went into the interview I was a lot more relaxed than I normally would be.
I walked into the interview not worrying about what I would say or obsessing over what they would ask me. The Fountain Hill Center is located in a huge old house so I commented on the architecture and design as we hiked up three flights of stairs. I talked about things I might mention in any situation, but at the same time remembering that this was an interview.
I answered all the questions honestly and it was easier than trying to remember previously rehearsed answers. It did help that I had been on interview before and knew what to expect, but for the most part I let myself relax and must have made an impression because before I left that day I was the new Intern.

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