Department of Writing

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Rhetoric & Professional Communication, Iowa State University
M.A., Iowa State University
B.A., Hiram College


I teach courses in professional writing including:
WRT 200: Introduction to Professional Writing
WRT 253: Document Design and Production
WRT 307: Consulting with Writers
WRT 350: Business Communication
WRT 353: Visual Rhetoric and Document Design
WRT 380: Proposal Writing
WRT 455: Multimodal Composing


Selected Publications

  • (Forthcoming) (Chapter co-author, Hazel McClure) Ethics, Distribution, and Credibility of Infographics: Using an Emerging Genre to Teach Information Literacy Concepts in Information Literacy—Not Just for Librarians: Issues in Assessment, Teaching, and Application, (Eds. D’Angelo, B., Jamieson, S., Maid, B., and Walker, J. R.).

  • (2014) Instructor's Manual for Business and Administrative Communication by Kitty O. Locker and Donna S. Kienzler. 11th ed.  (w/Jacob Rawlings)

  • (2013) Revisiting a Genre: Teaching Infographics in Business and Professional Communication Courses. Business Communication Quarterly 74(4), pp. 446-457. DOI: 10.1177/1080569913506253

  • (2013) [Book Review of Usability Testing Essentials: Ready, Set…Test! by C. M. Barnum]. Programmatic Perspectives, 5(2), pp. 294-296.

Recent Presentations

  • (2013) “Visual Lies: Infographics, Ethics, and Business Communication.” Association for Business Communication Conference – New Orleans, LA

  • (2013)  “Bridging the Gap: Collaborative Teaching of an Emerging Genre to Empower Students with Information Literacy Skills.” Panel with Hazel McClure. Georgia International Conference on Information Literacy – Savannah, GA

  • (2012) “Social Media, Infographics, and the Role of Information Literacy in Business Communication Courses.” Panel with Rachel Wolford and Hazel McClure. Association for Business Communication Conference – Honolulu, HI

  • (2011) “The Road to Recovery: Communications One Month after Japan’s Disaster.” Panel with Amanda Bemer.  Association for Business Communication Conference – Montreal, Ontario, CA

  • (2011) “Beyond Rhetoric and Composition: The Liberal Arts Writing Major.” Roundtable with Daniel Royer, Ellen Schendel, and Chris Haven. Conference on College Composition and Communication – Atlanta, GA 

  • (2010) “Speaking Isn’t Writing: An Assessment of Professional Writing Students’ Presentations.” Panel with Ellen Schendel. Association for Business Communication Conference – Chicago, IL 

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