Department of Writing

Foreword Edward M. White

Daniel J. Royer and Roger Gilles
Introduction: FAQ

Part I: Principles

Chapter 1
Peter Elbow
Directed Self Placement in Relation to Assessment: Shifting the Crunch from Entrance to Exit

Chapter 2
David Blakesley
Directed Self-Placement in the University

Chapter 3
Royer and Gilles
The Pragmatist Foundations of Directed Self-Placement

Chapter 4
Erica Reynolds
The Role of Self-Efficacy in Writing and Directed Self-Placement

Part II: Practices

Chapter 5
Robbie Sims and Ellen Pinter
Directed Self-Placement at Belmont University: Sharing Power, Forming Relationships, Fostering Reflection

Chapter 6
Janice Chernekoff
Introducing Directed Self-Placement to Kutztown University

Chapter 7
Cynthia E. Cornell and Robert D. Newton
The Case of a Small Liberal Arts University: Directed Self-Placement at DePauw

Chapter 8
Phyllis Frus
Directed Self-Placement at a Large Research University: A Writing Center Perspective

Chapter 9
Patrick Tompkins
Directed Self-Placement in a Community College Context

Chapter 10
David Blakesley, Purdue University
Erin J. Harvey, New Mexico State University
Erica J. Reynolds, University of Arizona
Southern Illinois University Carbondale as an Institutional Model: The English 100/101 Stretch and Directed Self-Placement Program

Chapter 11
Michael Neal and Brian Huot
Responding to Directed Self-Placement

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