Criminal Justice

  • Master of Science (M.S.)

Students focus on crime and violent behavior from viewpoints grounded in the traditional humanities and the social sciences. Students receive thorough preparation in the arts and sciences as well as receive the practical knowledge and skills they will need in the criminal justice profession.

Program Offerings at Grand Valley

The Master of Science in criminal justice (M.S.) degree is designed to prepare students to become highly capable criminal justice leaders, planners, practitioners and academicians who will continually improve the criminal justice system and profession. The program is also designed to prepare those students who are planning to pursue doctoral degrees. Visit for admission details.


Students study a variety of criminal justice topics, including:

  • Advanced criminology
  • Criminal justice leadership
  • Criminal justice policy
  • Data analysis
  • Legal and ethical issues
  • Research methodology

Career Options

Graduates find employment in a variety of professions, including:

  • Correctional administration
  • Juvenile justice
  • Law enforcement
  • Probation and parole
  • Private security administration

Why Study Criminal Justice at Grand Valley?

  • Class sizes are small and there is a nice blend of professors with practical experience, diverse specialties, and immense academic knowledge.
  • Faculty are flexible, accessible, and supportive of all students, which is extremely beneficial for helping students with their project/thesis graduation requirement.
  • Students in the program also come from various backgrounds and contribute immensely to debates and discussions within and outside of the classroom.
  • There are numerous opportunities for students to work one-on-one with professors through graduate assistantships.

For More Information

School of Criminal Justice
(616) 331-7130
Admissions Office

Professors are extremely knowledgeable with diverse backgrounds, including extensive experience in the field, as well as research experience. Students are provided opportunities to connect with peers, faculty, and the community through research projects and other university functions. The program also offers a number of real-world experiences and equips students with the tools to stand out in the criminal justice field.


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