Scholarly Dissemination Grant

(These grants cannot be given in conjunction with a mini-grant)


Funding Cycles and Deadlines


Application Process and Activity Report

Funding Limitations

Reimbursement Requirements


Purpose: The purpose of the Faculty Scholarly Dissemination Grant is to support
presentation of the applicant’s original research or creative
effort. If the dissemination is in the form of a presentation, the research or
creative work must be presented at a recognized organized conference or
professional exposition.


Eligibility: All tenured and tenure-track faculty members (Professor, Associate
Professor, and Assistant Professor) visiting professors, and affiliates are
eligible. Adjunct faculty are not eligible.


Funding Limitations: Faculty presentation expenses are primarily the
responsibility of the individual’s academic unit through your professional
development funds. Support from the CSCE is therefore supplementary.
CSCE funding will be limited to two grant request per faculty member per
fiscal year. Awards will consist of:

  • a maximum of $500/$750 for one Presentation Grant - $500 for presentations in the U.S. and $750 for international presentations.
  • no more than $250 may be requested for an additional grant

For the purpose of the Presentation Grant, travel to Canada (with the
exception of the Province of Ontario) is considered international as well as
travel to Hawaii and Alaska. In no case will the award exceed the actual
cost of travel and other allowable expenses incurred in connection with the
Departmental match is not required to obtain a Scholarly Dissemination
Grant. Funds will be dispersed to qualified applications until the program’s
funds are depleted for that quarter.


Funding Cycles and Deadlines:

Quarter Ending Date of Travel Open for Submission
1st July 1 – September 30 May 15
2nd October 2 – December 31 August 15
3rd January 1 – March 31 November 15
4th April 1 – June 30 February 15


Application Process and Activity Report: To apply for a grant and to submit your final report please go to ‘My Apps’ at The Activity Report can be accessed by clicking on the icon in your ‘MyApps’ site.


Reimbursement Requirements:

Presentation: All reimbursements for a PRESENTATION grant are processed through
your department
. Submit your Travel & Expense vouchers, receipts,
invoices, PO’s, etc., to your department support staff. They will help you
with the form or accounting requirements that must be met. Please note
that reimbursement will not take place until an activity report has been

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