About Us

Our mission is to offer support and resources which provide access for students to pursue an education through:

  • A staff dedicated to innovative, proactive solutions
  • Identifying, creating, and delivering resources through personal counseling and outreach efforts to provide a financial plan for families

Our vision is to be the leader in providing the greatest customer service experience. We will make a Grand Valley State University education affordable, one student at a time.

Our Staff

  • Anne Zalud, Financial Aid Counselor
  • Ben Rhodes, Admissions & Financial Aid Counselor 
  • Christine Scott, Associate Director of Financial Aid 
  • Daniel Shannahan, Assistant Director of Financial Aid 
  • Detwann Johnson, Financial Aid Counselor 
  • Elizabeth Le, Financial Aid Counselor 


  • Erika Wallace, Associate Director of Financial Aid 
  • Francesca Kulas, Assistant Director of Financial Aid
  • Heather Fowler-Voshel, Assistant Director of Financial Aid 
  • Jenna Poll, Associate Director of Financial Aid 
  • Julie Haskin, Financial Aid Assistant
  • Lauren McElrath, Financial Aid Counselor
  • Lisa Martin, Associate Director of Financial Aid
  • Luis Lozano, Assistant Director of Financial Aid
  • Martha Chase, Financial Aid Assistant
  • Maureen McElroy, Student Employment Assistant
  • Michelle Rhodes, Director of Financial Aid
  • Nicholas Bromley, Financial Aid Counselor
  • Rebecca Rahn, Assistant Director of Financial Aid
  • Susan Dix, Financial Aid Assistant
  • Wendy Johnston, Financial Aid Assistant

Our Student Assistants

  • Alexandrea Cook, Student Employment Student Assistant
  • Angel Gamon, Student Employment Student Assistant
  • Angel Mount, Phone Bank Student Assistant
  • Daniel Warari, Graduate Assistant/Front Desk
  • Ellerie Ambrose, Phone Bank Student Assistant
  • Emery Robinson, Student Employment Student Assistant
  • Kathryn Shuert, Imaging Student Assistant
  • Karmen Vrooman, Graduate Assistant/Student Employment
  • Kaylee Wolff, Phone Bank Student Assistant
  • Kevin Jacobs, Graduate Assistant/Front Desk
  • Logen Hill, Phone Bank Student Assistant
  • Madelaine McCann, Graduate Assistant/Scholarships
  • Makayla Cole, Phone Bank Student Assistant
  • Matt Allore, Phone Bank Student Assistant
  • Miranda Wilkie, Phone Bank Assistant
  • Nina Hatter, Phone Bank Student Assistant 
  • Quavon Kelly, Student Employment Student Assistant 
  • Sharalle Richardson, Student Employment Student Assistant 
  • Taylor Krohn, Phone Bank Student Assistant 
  • Tiffany Williams, Graduate Assistant/Processing 
  • Victoria Hart, Student Employment Student Assistant 
  • Whitney Sherwood, Imaging Student Assistant