Foundation Leadership


"With your involvement and support, the Grand Valley University Foundation has been a cornerstone of the University's growth and excellence since the Foundation began over twenty years ago. With applications up and enrollment strong, the "college in the cornfield" of the 1960s is the university for the whole community in the 2000s. Helen and I eagerly anticipate the time ahead for Grand Valley, thanks to a Foundation with members like you who know how to give to make a difference."

Richard M. DeVos, General Chairperson


"Grand Valley plays an important strategic role in driving the regional economy. Strong universities are essential to develop a well-educated work force, and are key to the quality of life that attracts and retains the best and brightest. That's where trustees and leaders come in, helping Grand Valley to grow."

James W. F. Brooks, Vice Chair

"Our directors are our primary ambassadors to the community, who help make a difference at Grand Valley through their time, talent, and support. Their involvement keeps us rooted here at home, while challenging us to reach new heights. They are the heart of the public-private partnership that makes GVSU so successful."

Donna K. Brooks, Vice Chair

2013 - 2014 Board of Directors

Richard M. DeVos, General Chairman
Donna K. Brooks, Vice Chair
James W.F. Brooks, Vice Chair


Karen Loth, Executive Director
Dorothy A. Johnson, Secretary
Edward J. Clark, Assistant Secretary
James D. Bachmeier, Treasurer


Foundation Directors

Advisory Cabinet

Ex Officio GVSU faculty and staff

Gayle R. Davis
Teri Losey
James D. Bachmeier
Jeanne Arnold
Matthew E. McLogan
Thomas Butcher

Ex Officio Alumni Association

Julie Bulson '99, '07


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