Grand Valley Police Department

Ask A Cop


Program Rationale

It is our intent to encourage open lines communication between the police department and the university community. The police department finds that many of the students, faculty and staff have daily questions about police procedures, criminal laws, and how the university police officers handle criminal activity on campus.

Program Descriptions
This an informal, highly interactive program in which participants are given an opportunity to ask a police officer a variety of questions.  Officers present information about various topics of concern to students and alike, further why officers do the things they do, and address myths regarding law enforcement.
Intended Outcomes
  • Encourage open questions and answer time with the police department.
  • Familiarize participants with common police practices and procedures.
  • Encourage positive relationships with the police department.
  • Encourage the use of the police department as a resource.

Common Questions
Q. Could we ask about specific laws?
A. Yes, virtually any questions regarding law is fair game. If we don’t know we will find out and answer for you.
Q. Do you have authority or jurisdiction to….
A.  We will be transparent in the representation of our police department and attempt to offer reasonable answers for other area jurisdictions.
Q. Could we learn more about common police practice or procedure? 
A. Once again we will be transparent about the practices and procedures implemented through our police department. 
Q. Could we learn about how to be a police officer?
A.  Perhaps you would like to consider a seminar on opportunities in criminal justice. 
Q. Ask about what services Grand Valley Police Department provides?
A.  Absolutely, our job is easier if the community takes ownership of learning more about the services our police department has to offer.

Page last modified February 9, 2011