Epson Interactive Projector

A high-definition widescreen LCD projector that turns any smooth, lightly colored surface into an interactive touch display. Up to two users can annotate over or interact with the projected image, including computer applications, websites and videos using two interactive pens (included).

Pew Campus
DEV 117E
DEV 119E
DEV 121E
DEV 225E
Detroit - Charter Schools Building (the Barton Building)
DET 102
DET 115

Smart Board

A multi-touch interactive whiteboard that allows two users to simultaneously interact on the board’s surface, while using different tools or their fingers to write, draw and manipulate the computer’s installed software. Includes the ability to capture your work with Smart Notebook collaborative learning software or directly into Microsoft Windows versions of PowerPoint, Excel and Word.

Allendale Campus
HRY 111
LIB 002
MAK A-1-155
STU 200
Pew Campus
DEV 119E
DEV 225E
EC 513
EC 710
EC 716

Steelcase Polyvision Interactive Whiteboard

A touch sensitive, interactive whiteboard that allows users to manipulate their presentations or write over the projected image with standard, dry-erase markers and then save their work.  Includes an intuitive remote control for accessing all of the boards controls and functions.

Allendale Campus
HON 218
HON 219

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