Data Security

Data Encryption Best Practices

Personal Computer Security Tips

  • Do not store sensitive data on your computer.  Review Data Encryption Best Practices above and/or contact Information Technology to discuss your needs at or 616-331-2101
  • Do not give your passwords to anyone
  • Create a naming convention that will assist you in remembering your passwords. - Example: bui72ck, jet88ta where the date holds meaning for you.  When you devise a naming convention that works for you, it is not as threatening to change a password when you 'should'  - Do not save your passwords on sticky notes. 
  • If you have a student that will regularly be using your machine, contact the helpdesk and request a staff account for that student.  (Do NOT give out your password)
  • Contact the IT Helpdesk when a computer is to be passed to a new user. IT will clean the computer, removing previous data and place a clean image on the machine.

Page last modified June 5, 2013