Faculty and Staff Web Accounts

All GVSU faculty and staff may request a personal web page.

Account information:

  • Requests for web space may be sent to helpdesk@gvsu.edu.
    • An account and password will be sent back to you upon creation of the web space
  • The web addresses of your personal site will be:
    • http://faculty.gvsu.edu/username
    • http://staff.gvsu.edu/username
      Example: http://faculty.gvsu.edu/jonesb
  • Web pages may not be used for commercial purposes 

GVSU faculty/staff web page
Your web address will be either faculty.gvsu.edu/username   or staff.gvsu.edu/username
Your password is your network password

Windows: Create a short cut to your web pages
Open Windows explorer in the address bar at the top type in  \\office\DFS
Click  FACWEB-Private
Right click on the folder with your name | Choose Send to   |  Choose Desktop(create Shortcut)
To rename the folder on the desktop, right click the username Shortcut and choose rename

Windows: How to create a mapped drive to easily access your files on a Windows machine
To map a drive go to your desktop and right mouse click the Office DFS folder.
Choose Map network drive…
Choose an empty drive letter.  I suggest W: for Web
\\office\DFS\facweb-private\yourusername    Note the direction of the slashes.  Do you use /

Ftp is still available
The host/IP/URL address is faculty.gvsu.edu or staff.gvsu.edu


Page last modified January 22, 2015