New Employee Computer Accounts

Procedure for receiving Network, E-mail and Blackboard accounts.

1) All new employees must have their I-9 forms into Human Resources (HR) before any computer accounts will be issued.

2) HR must create a record for the person in Banner issuing a G-number

3) Department Chairs or Office coordinators may then request computer network/email accounts for the person from The request must come from the department. Individuals may not request their own account.

4) Once a network account has been created, The Blackboard account will be created within 3 days.

- Once the data feed recognizes a new faculty/staff/adjunct employee and creates their account, they are given a practice test course. They may start creating course content in that practice test course and copy/move it to an actual course once it is assigned.

- NO faculty will be connected to their courses until the departments send the class assignments to the Registrar's office and the Registrar's office has associated the faculty to the course. (In the past the Deans office had send the list to the Registrars office. Now department chairs and office coordinators may fax the list to the Registrars office at 1-2000 .)

Page last modified March 10, 2011