Professional Development

Graduate Credit for Educators

Grand Valley Approved Graduate Academic Courses

For educators:

  • You must hold a bachelor's degree to enroll in PDP courses
  • Your advisor or the agency granting certification determines acceptance of PDP courses for graduate program of studies or certification purposes
  • Registration will occur on-site on the first day of class
  • Registration cannot occur after a course is completed
  • Schedules of PDP courses may be obtained through local school districts or the PDP office at GVSU

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 For districts:

  • All PDP courses are offered for graduate credit only -
    A minimum of 15 instructional contact hours are required for each academic credit offered
  • Reimbursement of tuition dollars: 
    a.  District/agencies who offer five or more classes for the school year (spring/summer, fall, winter) with GVSU graduate students enrolled are reimbursed 35% of the tuition generated for each course offered.
    b. Districts/agencies offering fewer than five courses are reimbursed based on class enrollment. Classes with enrollments of:

          1-10 GVSU graduate students are reimbursed 15%
          11-20 GVSU graduate students are reimbursed 25%
          21 or more GVSU graduate students are reimbursed 35%.

  • There is a cap of $2,700 for reimbursement paid to the district/agency for each course offered.

Download a 2013-2014 PDP Proposal and Approval Form now.

Page last modified August 13, 2013