Purchasing Card Program

The purchasing card program provides a Mastercard credit card to faculty and staff to make small dollar purchases. All charges are billed directly to the University. The card is for business use only and has merchant and spending controls. FAQ.To apply for a card, complete a Purchasing Card application, obtain your dean or appointing officer approval, and forward the application to Procurement Services. Your card will be ordered and you will be scheduled to attend a training session, sign a Cardholder Agreement, and then receive your card. For more information, contact Kip Smalligan at 616-331-3211 or Aaron Caccamo at 616/331-3436.

Customer Service Phone Numbers
Fifth Third Bank: 800-488-6773 Commercial Support Premier Line (recommended)
Fifth Third Bank: 866-475-0729 Commercial Support (prompts press 4 &1)

Mastercard:  800-MC-ASSIST  (800-622-7747)  prompts
Fifth Third (TSYS):  855-634-1295  To report fraudulent activity, verify transactions.

Mastercard Toll Free Contact Phone Numbers in Foreign Countries

Training (Policies & Procedures)
Cardholders needing training will be contacted to schedule a time. Trainings last an hour and are held in Allendale and Pew Campus. 

Restricted Purchases

Smart Data FAQs & User Guides
Smart Data is the online management and reporting tool which allows you to view and FOAP reallocate transactions, view and print statements.  

FAQs for Smart Data  Updated 08-15-14

Cardholder User Guide (access to view only one card)  Updated 04-16-14

Account Group Manager User Guide (can view multiple cards & others cards) Updated 08-08-14

Account Group Managers:  Schedule Your Monthly Statements to Auto Run Each Month in 2015

Smart Data Training Videos
Transaction Summary Advanced Search
Cardholder: Reallocating FOAPs
Account Group Manager: Home Page
Account Group Manager: Running & Scheduling Statements & Reports

Purchasing Card Application
Self-Audit Report Form
Sign In/Out Sheet
Dispute Resolution Form

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