Transcript Requests

Official transcripts may be requested through your myBanner account by going to the Student tab > Student Records > Request Printed Transcript. Click here for a short video on how to request transcripts in myBanner. Unofficial transcripts (for attendees since September 1984) can also be viewed and printed through myBanner.

We also accept transcript requests via fax or mail. To submit a transcript request via fax, complete the Transcript Request Form and fax it to (616) 331-2000You may mail your completed form to the following address:

Student Assistance Center
150 Student Services
1 Campus Drive
Allendale, MI 49401


Common Transcript Questions

  1. Is there a cost for official transcripts?
    No, there is no charge.

  2. Is there a cost for multiple copies ordered at the same time?
    No, there is no charge.

  3. Does Grand Valley accept telephone requests for transcripts?
    No, all transcript requests must be submitted by fax, mail, or via myBanner.

  4. Does Grand Valley accept faxed transcript requests?

  5. Does Grand Valley accept email requests?
    Grand Valley does not accept email requests. However, you can request free official transcripts by logging into myBanner.

  6. Does Grand Valley issue official transcripts to students?
    Yes, but the transcript must be sealed and unopened to remain official.

  7. Does Grand Valley accept faxed transcripts as official transcripts?

  8. Does Grand Valley fax official transcripts?

  9. Does Grand Valley accept hand-delivered transcripts as official?
    Yes, if the transcript is unopened and restrictively stamped/sealed.

  10. What is the Registrar's Office phone number?
    (616) 331-3327

  11. What is the Registrar's Office fax number?
    (616) 331-2000

  12. Who can I contact with questions?
    Sharon Hall, (616) 331-3327,




Page last modified December 17, 2013