Who can help me Study Abroad?

Study Abroad Advisers are your partners in planning your international experience. Stop in during PIC Hours to speak to a Study Abroad Peer Adviser. No appointment necessary! 


Study Abroad Advisers

Meaghann Myers-Smith*

Study Abroad Adviser

130 Lake Ontario Hall


(616) 331-3898

Peer Advisers

130 Lake Ontario Hall


(616) 331-3898

Alexandra Schmid

Special Programs Coordinator

3137 L. W. Seidman Center


(616) 331-7452

Study Abroad Peer Advisers are trained to advise students on a range of international opportunities, as well as to help them navigate the study abroad process. Below is the current Peer Adviser Staff. You may contact individual Peer Advisers by email. Please include the Peer Adviser's name on the subject line.

*By appointment only

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Ann Sun bio


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Megan DeKievit


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