What is Study Abroad?


Study Abroad is a life-changing opportunity for students to take college courses in another country. There are program options for every major and minor at GVSU in almost every country around the world! 

Study Abroad Advisers are your partners in planning your international experience and will be there to help before, during, and after your time abroad. 


Myth Busters

  • You are not required to speak a second language to Study Abroad! 

  • Study Abroad can be affordable, especially with the help of Financial Aid, scholarships and grants.

  • With the right program and careful course selection, you can still stay on track academically.

  • Future employers are increasingly realizing the value of candidates with the maturity, flexibility, and intercultural competence developed during Study Abroad.

  • Non-Traditional Students can Study Abroad as well.


Who is a good candidate to go abroad?

The Padnos International Center believes Study Abroad is a profound educational experience that should be accessible to all. PIC works to support students from a variety of backgrounds, encompassing ethnicity, gender orientation and expression, socioeconomic circumstances, non-traditional students and persons with disabilities. Successful undergraduate applicants need to have a 2.5 GPA (or a 3.0 GPA as graduate students) and must have spent at least one semester at GVSU upon application.


What type of program is the best for me? 

While our advising team is always there to help, picking the right program is a personal decision that should be based on what will help you fulfill your academic, personal and professional goals. For more information on this, please go to our How to Choose a Program page.


When can I go abroad?  

The earliest a student can apply to Study Abroad is after being a Grand Valley student for one semester. There may be exceptions for transfer students, please contact Rebecca Hambleton to learn more. Certain majors have different requirements, so we encourage you to speak with a Study Abroad Adviser for more information.


Where can I go abroad? 

Anywhere! Grand Valley has an open Study Abroad policy, which means students are not only able to participate in a GVSU program, but also Non-GVSU programs. However, if you want to study in countries that are listed under the U.S. Department of State's Travel Warning List, please check out our Travel Warning Policy.


Why go abroad

Employers are increasingly realizing the value of candidates with the maturity, flexibility, and intercultural competence developed during Study Abroad!


How can I go abroad

Any Financial Aid or scholarships you receive at Grand Valley usually can be applied to your Study Abroad program. There are 15 Partnership Programs that are less expensive than spending a semester at GVSU.  Attend a Study Abroad Funding 101 meeting, learn about Financial Planning, and how you can fund your Study Abroad program. The Padnos International Center believes study abroad should be accessible to everyone and offers several scholarships and grant opportunities. 


Page last modified November 19, 2013