Do I need to register for Transitions?
No. If you registered for classes at summer orientation, you are registered for Transitions: Your fall orientation! Simply show up to the events.

Do I need a parking permit? Where do I park?
Parking regulations are enforced when classes begin. You will not need a parking permit for the Transitions program, but you do need to park in designated commuter lots (Lots C, H, or K).

Where will we be each day?
The Transitions program helps you get to know the Allendale campus, and your group will meet in several different places. Please note the check-in times and locations for Transitions. If you ever get separated from your group, call or visit the 2020 Information Desk (331-2020, Kirkhof Center Lobby).

How do new students know which group they are in for the program?

If you live off campus, you will join us at the Commuter BBQ on Wednesday at 6:00pm outside of the Fieldhouse.
If you are a residential student, your Transitions Leader will meet you in your Living Center.
Once the groups have been formed, you will be provided with locations and times to meet your group and Transitions Leaders!

What should I wear?
Casual clothes are fine (your favorite GVSU t-shirt is perfect!). Dress for the weather (usually HOT) and walking around campus.

Will there be an area to keep my belongings?
No, there will not be a designated area to leave your belongings. It is advised, particularly for Hooray! not to bring valuables. We will be traveling to and from various buildings, to get acquainted with the Allendale campus. So, it is advised to keep belongings you bring to a minimum.

Are there other events happening besides Transitions?
Yes, there will be a number of events throughout the week. Some events will be academic focused while others will be social. Keep visiting for the most up-to-date list of fun things to do! If you don't have internet access, call the 2020 Information Desk at 331-2020 and they can look up event information for you.

Will we get to eat?
Lunch is provided on Thursday and Friday, however if you have a meal card your card will be charged for the meals.

What if I have more questions about Transitions?
Contact us via e-mail at We will also continue to update information at