Faculty/Staff Fridays

Join your colleagues for quiet writing time many Fridays during the academic year, 12 - 5 p.m. This scheduled, free-from-distraction writing time helps you to make steady progress on a writing project and benefit from the focus and support that comes from writing among your colleagues.

We'll provide a work station, light snacks, and plenty of coffee and tea; you bring the materials you'll need to be productive on your writing project and your own laptop.

Professional writing consultants Michelle Sanchez or Assistant Director of the Writing Center Patrick Johnson will be on hand to provide feedback if you'd like a personal consultation about your project.

Fall 2013-Winter 2014 Dates/locations

  • August 30--Allendale, LOH 120
  • September 6--Pew/G.R., DeVos 302 C
  • September 13--Allendale, LOH 120
  • September 20--Pew/G.R., Eberhard 101
  • September 27--Allendale, LOH 120
  • October 4--Pew/G.R., Eberhard 101
  • October 11--Allendale, LOH 120
  • October 18--Pew/G.R., Eberhard 101
  • October 25--Allendale, LOH 120
  • November 1--Pew/G.R., Eberhard 101
  • January 10--Allendale, LOH 120
  • January 17--Pew/G.R., Eberhard 101
  • January 24--Allendale, LOH 120
  • January 31--Pew/G.R., Eberhard 101
  • February 7--Allendale, LOH 120
  • February 14--Pew/G.R., Eberhard 101
  • February 21--Allendale, LOH 120

March 5-7 (Three-day retreat, in Allendale, LOH 120--during spring break. Lunch is provided.  If you want to attend, please register by March 3 so that we order enough lunches: 331-2922)

Summer 2014 writing retreats:

April 28-May 2 in Allendale (LOH 120) register by contacting Lisa Gullo (gullol@gvsu.edu)

August 4-8 in Allendale (LOH 120) register by contacting Lisa Gullo (gullol@gvsu.edu)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens at the writing center on Faculty/Staff Fridays?
A: A whole lot of writing! The idea behind the event is that by setting aside time to write away from the interruptions of your home or office, and in a space conducive to writing, you will actually get some writing done. The silent support of hard working colleague-writers around you is motivating. And the writing center has what you need--style guides, books about writing, a faculty/staff writing consultant, food, and beverages--to keep you productive and comfortable.

Q. Can I come late or leave early?
A. Absolutely!

Q. Do I need to make a reservation?
A. Nope! Just show up ready to write.

Q. I can't fit Fridays into my schedule this year. Will you do this next academic year?
A. So far, signs point to "yes," but watch this page for more info. You might also be interested in participating in one of our week-long writing retreats, which are held in May and August each year.

Page last modified March 11, 2014