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What courses should I take?


If you are undecided about your major, taking courses that satisfy the requirements for the General Education Program will not only get you closer to graduation but, more importantly, will allow you to build your knowledge base, develop your critical thinking and writing skills, and explore areas of possible interest. The General Education Program contains a variety of courses in different disciplines in true liberal arts tradition. The general education program is designed to foster lifelong learning and prepare students to be informed and thoughtful citizens.  

The General Education Program is divided into four main sections:


  1. All College Requirements which includes minimum requirements for writing, math, and other minimum standards
  2. Foundation Categories which includes the arts, humanities, mathematics, natural sciences, and social sciences
  3. Cultural Designations which includes both a world and U.S. view
  4. Thematic Group which includes interrelated courses from different perspectives  


As you take the courses that interest you in each of these areas, make a conscious note about the topics that have really caught your attention and had you thinking and talking about the issues outside of class. Over time you will probably find a common thread that runs through these topics. This common thread may lead to the perfect major for you and guide you toward a career that will interest you for a lifetime.

If you have several majors that interest you, try taking the introductory courses in each area to see which major is the best fit for you.



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