Alumni Association Board of Directors

Individual board members act as representatives for the Alumni Association and should be knowledgeable of all association programs. Board members serve on at least one committee and should lend their professional expertise as needed. Board members are expected to participate actively and consistently in board functions and to demonstrate leadership in a variety of university volunteer activities.

The board seeks members who have supported alumni involvement through the Alumni Association or elsewhere in the university, and support the Alumni Association's mission. The Association strives to create a body that represents the diversity of the Association's membership.

The Board of Directors meets four times per year. Attendance at board meetings is critical, so dates are scheduled well in advance. Board members serve a maximum of two consecutive 3-year terms.

Roles of the Executive Committee | Apply for the Board

Julie Bulson, '99 & '07

Peter Finley, '96, '01, & '02

Victor Cardenas, '00

Julie Bulson

Matthew Byrne

Victor Cardenas


Executive Committee Chair

B.N, 1999

M.P.A, 2007

Grand Rapids, MI

Vice President

Chief Operating Officer

B.B.A  Accounting, 1996

M.T.X  Taxation, 2001

M.B.A  Business General, 2002

Phoenix, AZ

VP Public Relations 

Executive Committee

Fundraising Committee

B.A Political Science, 2000

Novi, MI

Janean Couch, '05 & '08

Alberto Cutuli, '97

Edwin Darrell, '96 & '98

Janean Couch

Blank Profile

Blank Profile

Activities/Volunteer Committee

B.S Public Administration, 2005

M.E General Education, 2008

Grand Rapids, MI

Activities/Volunteer Committee

B.S  Psychology, 1997

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Awards/Nominating Committee

B.B.A, 1996

M.E  General Education, 1998

Chicago, IL

Shannan Denison, '99

Jermale Eddie, '03

Sandra Cleveland, '92

Shannan Denison

Jermale Eddie

Tom Ebels

Fundraising Committee

Awards and Nominating Committee

B.A  Psychology, 1999

Grand Rapids, MI


B.S  GRO Social Studies, 2003

Grand Rapids, MI

Nurse, Associate Professor of Nursing

B.N  Nursing, 1992

Rochester Hills, MI

Bradley Gibbons, '08

Walid Jamal, '11

Michael Keast, '07

Bradley Gibbons

Clay Grueber

Matthew Hillman

Activities/Volunteer Committee

B.S  Advertising & Public Relations, 2008

Novi, MI

Franchise Partner & Operator

M.B.A  Business General, 2011

Ada, MI

Assistant Vice President - Commercial Banking

B.B.A  Finance, 2007

Ada, MI


Ann Marie Klotz, '02

Catherine Lazarock, '96

Leonard O'Kelly, '11

Blank Profile

Catherine Lazarock

Leonard O'Kelly

Dean of Campus Life

B.A  Political Science, 2002

New York, NY


B.A  International Relations, 1996

Grand Rapids, MI


M.S  Communications, 2011

Grand Rapids, MI

Noah Nagy, '94

Olubunmi Parks, '08 & '13

David Radel, '02

Don Paton

Olubunmi Parks, '08

David Radel

Parole Services Manager

B.S  Physical Education, 1994

Spring Arbor, MI

Liaison Committee

B.S  Public Administration, 2008

M.P.A, 2013

Grand Rapids, MI

Fundraising Committee

B.B.A, 2002

Grand Rapids, MI

Victoria Stevenson, '01

Jessica Scudder, '01

Shane Szalai, '95

Blank Profile

Jessica Scudder

Shane Szalai

African American Alumni Chapter Representative

Awards and Nominating Committee

B.B.A, 2001

Grand Rapids, MI

Activities/Volunteer Committee

B.B.A, 2001

Grand Rapids, MI

Fundraising Committee

B.A  International Relations, 1995

Edwardsburg, MI

Michael Tappy, '78

Anna Gremling, '01 & '04

Nelson VanElderen, '75 & '94

Michael Tappy

Anna Tyszkiewicz

Nelson VanElderen

VP Recognition

Executive Committee

Awards/Nominating Committee Co-Chair

B.S  Environmental Studies, 1978

Grandville, MI

Awards/Nominating Committee

B.S  Public Administration, 2001

M.P.A, 2004

Indianapolis, IN

Activities/Volunteer Committee

B.B.A, 1975

M.B.A, 1994

Rockford, MI

Adrienne Wallace, '01, '05 & '08

David Tarnow, '04

Gregg Dimkoff

Adrienne Wallace

Chris Woodruff

Gregg Dimkoff

Activities/Volunteer Committee Co-Chair

B.S  Health Communication, 2001

M.S  Communications, 2005

M.P.A, 2008

Grand Rapids, MI

Project Lead - Client Solutions

B.S  Communications, 2004

Grandville, MI

Faculty Representative

Andrew Plague

John Bancheri

Bill Smith, '80 & '85


Blank Profile

Blank Profile

Student Senate Representative 

Rowing Alumni Chapter Representative

Seidman College of Business Alumni Association President

B.B.A, 1980

M.B.A, 1985

Grand Rapids, MI

Tracy Hosford, '02

Teresa McDougall, '02

Tim Bulson, '09

Blank Profile

Teresa McDougall

Tim Bulson

KCON Alumni Chapter Representative

B.N, 2002

Belmont, MI

College of Education Chapter President

Liaison Committee

M.E, 2002

Grand Rapids, MI

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Alumni Chapter Representative

Liaison Committee Co-Chair

M.S  Communications, 2009

Grand Rapids, MI

Bob Mitchell, '07

Chad Tolson, '97 & '04

Courtney Adams, '08 & '10

Blank Profile

Chad Tolson

Courtney Lawler

Football Alumni Association President

B.S  Advertising & Public Relations, 2007

Grand Rapids, MI

Baseball Alumni Association Representative

B.S  Physical Education, 1997

M.E, 2004

Jenison, MI

African American Alumni Chapter Representative

B.S  Health Science, 2008

M.H.A, 2010

Novi, MI

Angela Scarlato, '02

Julie Jamison

Alissa Lane

Blank Profile

Blank Profile

Alissa Lane

Physical Therapy Alumni Chapter Representative

M.S  Physical Therapy, 2002

Ada, MI

Future Alumni Association - Ex Officio

Study Abroad Alumni Chapter Representative

Grand Rapids, MI

Krista Hillman, '05

Ted Kushion, '03

Megan Sall, '07 & '09

Krista Hillman

Blank Profile

Megan Sall

Young Alumni Council Representative

B.S  Biomedical Sciences, 2005

Spring Lake, MI

Track and Field Alumni Chapter

B.S  Physical Education, 2003

Grand Rapids, MI

School of Public, Nonprofit and Health Administration Alumni Chapter President

B.A  International Relations, 2007

M.P.A, 2009

Grand Rapids, MI


Kirstyn M. Wildey, '11


Board of Directors


Human Resources Generalist

B.B.A  Management & Marketing, 2011

Wyoming, MI