GVSU Career Center

The People Involved

The Student's Role

In an effort to equip you with effective job search skills, it is your responsibility to search, apply for, and accept an internship. (Think of the old saying: Give a person a fish and they'll eat for a day; teach a person to fish they'll eat for a lifetime.) But don’t worry; there are lots of tools out there to help you so you won’t have to go it alone. For more information, read our page on "How To Find an Internship”.

In addition to finding your internship, you will also have to check with your academic advisor if you want to receive credit for your internship. If you decide to go the credit route (which generally provides a more meaningful experience), you’ll want to check with your department as to what will be required of you, as all departments establish their own assignments. For more information, contact the faculty coordinator for your department.

The Faculty Internship Coordinator’s Role

If you do not receive credit for your internship, you will not have a faculty internship coordinator. However, if you elect to receive credit for your internship, your faculty internship coordinator will actually “approve” your internship (let you know if it will count as credit). They will generally need to have a description of the internship or an understanding of how it will fit into your academic curriculum (i.e., will you be doing what you’ve been learning). The faculty coordinator will then help you register for the internship course and oversee your internship throughout the semester. This may include grading assignments, visiting or speaking with your internship supervisor, and giving you a grade at the end of the semester. Faculty coordinators also provide great direction and support throughout the experience. They are here to help you connect your classroom experience to what you are doing in the workplace. You can also contact them should you experience any problems or issues throughout your internship.

*Note: Each department is a little different, so you may actually work with a different faculty member throughout the semester than the one who helped you register for the class.

Internship Site Supervisor’s Role

Your internship site supervisor is your boss at your internship site. He/she actually provides you with your day-to-day assignments and supervises the actual work that you do. Ideally, your supervisor will have expertise in the field you are interning and can serve as a mentor to you throughout the internship. It is a good idea to meet one-on-one with your site supervisor at least once a week to make sure you are on track with your internship. If you are receiving academic credit for your internship, your site supervisor will also conduct an end-of-semester evaluation on your work performance (he or she may also do this even if you are not receiving credit).

The Career Center's Role

The Career Center is here to help you every step of the way! It is the centralized location to serve all those involved in the internship process (students, faculty, and employers). The Career Center can help answer any questions you have or direct you to those who will know the answer. In addition, they are available to equip you with the necessary skills to complete a successful search. This may include building a resume, practicing for an interview, or providing general tips on where and how to look for your internship.

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