Printable Study Skills Resources

The UCC offers many self-help resources to students, including study skills assistance. In the below handouts, study skills are addressed as well as test taking strategies, tips on how to successfully speak in front of a classroom, as well as guidance in writing research papers.


Time Management

Successful Planning

Time Scheduling



Study Tips

Study Tips in a Nut Shell

Marking a Textbook vs. Taking Chapter Notes

How to Get More Studying Done in Less Time

Taking Lecture Notes

How to Study Foreign Languages

What is the Survey Q Three R Method of Study?




Tips for Test Taking

Some General Remarks about Exams

Test Question Analysis

Test Anxiety



Public Speaking

Some Ways to Reduce Speech Anxiety




A Checklist for Correcting the First Draft

Preliminary Steps in Writing a Research Paper


The following handouts are in PDF format, which
requires Acrobat Reader in order to be viewed properly.

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