Faculty Governance

Academic Policies and Standards Committee (APSC)

The responsibilities of the Academic Policies and Standards Committee (APSC) include studying, reviewing, and making pertinent recommendations on academic policies and procedures.  It's duties include composing policies relevant to admission, retention and dismissal, repeat grades, withdrawal, the academic calendar, and library privileges.

2013-2014 Academic Policies & Standards Committee Members

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
   Mayra Fortes (MLL) (2014)
   Kay Losey (WRT) (2015)
   Bob Swieringa (COM) (2014)
   Elizabeth Wheatley (SOC) (2015)

Seidman College of Business
    Lori Koste (2013)

College of Community and Public Service
    Naoki Kanaboshi (CJ) (2016)

College of Education
    John Shinsky (2014)

Padnos College of Engineering and Computing
    Jamal Alsabbagh (2014) 

College of Health Professions
    Dave Huizen (2014)

Kirkhof College of Nursing
    Cynthia Beel-Bates (2016)

University Libraries
    Jeff Daniels (2014)

Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies
   Brent Smith (2015) Chair

Provost or designee (ex officio)
    Nancy Giardina, Vice Provost for Student Success

Student Senate Representative

* Composition: The APSC consists of four faculty members from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and one from each of the remaining colleges, one from the University Libraries, 1 student selected by and from the Student Senate, 1 faculty member elected by and from the University Academic Senate, and the Provost or designee (ex officio, non-voting).  Term is two years, staggered.


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