Grant Closeout Procedure

This document establishes the procedure for closing out externally funded sponsored agreements.


This procedure applies to externally-sponsored funded projects at the closeout stage.


The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and the Principal Investigator (PI) must work together with the Office of Business and Finance (B/F) to coordinate the award closeout process. A well defined process is necessary to ensure that sponsoring agencies receive the required final technical and financial reports within the parameters established in the terms and conditions of the awards. Principal Investigators are held responsible and accountable for preparing and submitting all technical reports, certifications, and disclosure statements associated with a particular grant in a timely manner and in accordance with the terms prescribed in the award.


The following provides a brief overview of the responsibilities of OSP, B/F, and the PI in closing out a grant award.


Grants are considered closed when all the work has been performed to the granting agency's satisfaction or upon the termination date specified in the award.

Sponsored Programs (OSP) sends memos notifying the PI of the upcoming award closeout at 120, 90, 60, and 30 days prior to the award termination date. These memos list the end date of the grant as well as any deliverables required by the sponsor award terms and conditions. OSP will also include instructions for sub-recipient closeout.

During the course of the project, it may become apparent that an extension is necessary. If this is the case, OSP and B/F will work with the PI and sponsor to request and process a time extension. OSP will notify B/F and the respective college Dean of the extension request and the status of the request.

B/F will communicate with the PI prior to the completion of the award. B/F will work with the PI to complete the B/F Financial Grant Closeout Checklist approximately 90 days before the project end date.

OSP will work together with the PI to complete the OSP Administrative Grant Closeout Checklist and ensure that the grant is ready to close.

OSP will ensure that any final reports are distributed in accordance with sponsor terms and conditions. Sponsors usually require everything to be complete within 30 days after the end of the award period.

OSP will also distribute final reports to University Scholarworks and to the appropriate GVSU departments.

Upon closure of the award, OSP will send the PI a Notice of Closed Award containing information on the final state of the grant at the end of the award.

Principal Investigator Responsibility

  1. Confirm that the project end date indicated in the initial close-out memo from OSP matches the end date in their records.
  2. Determine whether the grant will be completed by the end date or if an extension is necessary. If an extension is necessary, the PI will contact OSP to initiate the extension process.
  3. Identify any budget adjustments needed in order to ensure the expenditure of funds in accordance with sponsor award terms and conditions.
  4. Upon receiving the Financial Grant Closeout Checklist from B/F, the PI will begin the closeout checklist and begin to finalize project activities.
  5. Meet with B/F (and possibly OSP) to review grant closeout.
  6. Check the Award Notice to verify due dates and requirements for final reports.
  7. The PI will submit the final report to the sponsoring agency and submit a copy of the final report (narrative, technical, etc.) to OSP for their file.
  8. Complete the Principal Investigator portion of the OSP Administrative Grant Closeout Checklist.

Failure to submit timely and accurate final narrative and financial reports in accordance with the sponsor's directions may affect future funding to Grand Valley State University. The final technical report is the most important report prepared by the PI and should provide a synthesis of the overall results from the project. The final report communicates the results of the research and the funding agency uses this report as a principle reporting tool to inform the sponsor, stakeholders, or others on the success and impact of the research programs being funded.


Closeout Memo

This document is completed by OSP and sent to the Principal Investigator. The purpose of this document is to notify the PI of the upcoming closeout of their grant. The memo contains information about the reporting requirements of the sponsoring agency and the end date of the award. Upon receiving this document, PIs are responsible for notifying OSP if they are in need of an extension. PIs can expect to receive a copy of the closeout memo at 120, 90, 60, and 30 days before the end of the grant award period, unless the award has been officially closed and all final reporting requirements are complete.

Office of Business/Finance Financial Grant Closeout Checklist

This document is completed internally by B/F. The purpose of this document is to ensure that all financial aspects of the grant are closed out properly. B/F staff will meet with the PI to review the status of the grant approximately 90 days prior to the completion of the award.

Office of Sponsored Programs Administrative Grant Closeout Checklist

This document is a routing form that verifies that all aspects of the grant closeout process have been completed. Routing is as follows:

  1. OSP checks Administrative Documents and Reporting Requirements
  2. PI verifies that all reports are complete
  3. PI signs and dates form
  4. OSP reviews form, signs and dates

Notice of Closed Award

This document is completed by OSP and sent to the PI as a final verification that the grant award is closed.


General References

Office of Management and Budget, Circular A-110 (now referred to as 2CFR215). Uniform Administrative Requirements for Grants & Agreements with Institutions of Higher Education, Hospitals, and Other Non-Profit Organizations, Section D: After-the-Award Requirements (Last Revision: September 1999).


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