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If you do not know which form to use, please contact the Office of Graduate Studies (OGS).

Completed forms should be submitted to Financial Aid.


(A note about the Spring-Summer form: In the “Terms of This Appointment” section, do not type anything in the start and end dates fields. Those will automatically populate when you select half-time or full-time in the field below. The order in which those lines appear have been corrected on the 14-15 forms.

Spring-Summer 2014 GA Appointment Form
There are a couple of minor issues with this form. Uder supervisor G Number, this should be supervisor phone extension. Also, do not type the start/end dates into those fields, they will automatically populate once you complete the next field.

2014-15 9-Month (Academic Year) GA Appointment Form

2014-15 10-month (Extended) GA Appointment Form

2014-15 12-month (Full-Year) GA Appointment Form

Temporary Tuition Payment Form


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Presidential Research Grants Cover Page (Form)

Request to take Online classes - for Saudi Arabian Students


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Guidelines - Preparation of Theses and Dissertations 13-14 

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Thesis Submission Agreement for ScholarWorks

Thesis Title Page


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