Student wins second in business competition

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Lindsey Noonan, a business management and economics major, won second place at a national business competition, receiving $15,000 in cash and $25,000 in marketing and advertising from competition sponsor Warren Douglas.

Noonan joined college students from 49 universities across the U.S. who competed in the Values and Ventures Competition at Texas Christian University April 10-11. Students presented plans that demonstrate a societal or environmental need to be filled, as well as the profitability of the business. More than 80 business leaders served as judges and mentors, to provide a solid base of knowledge about the viability of startup businesses.

Noonan presented for Team Soletics which makes gloves that deliver superior temperature management using sensors and real-time biofeedback for individuals suffering from Raynaud’s disease. Raynaud’s causes some areas of the body — such as fingers and toes — to feel numb and cold in response to cold temperatures or stress. Soletics will give 1 percent of net revenues to the Raynaud’s Association to further research for a cure.

San Diego State University took first place with their plan to provide a low-cost, human-powered machine to improve agronomic practices and impact poverty in Ethiopia and other countries.