Emergency Preparedness

Program Rationale

It is our intent to work with the Office of Housing and Residence Life and Facilities Management on taking a proactive approach in emergency preparation, fire prevention, and severe weather awareness. Each campus is equipped with its own fire detection system which includes manual pull stations, alarms, strobe lights, smoke detectors, and heat detectors. Various housing units also contain sprinkler protection. The alarm systems and fire extinguishers are routinely inspected.

Program Descriptions

Each year through a coordinated effort of several departments the police departments assist in, emergency preparation, fire, and severe weather education with housing staff members and alike. Certain communities or departments require attendance of this informational session. These seminars often aid resident assistances with information which is passed on to those who live on campus.

As an additional effort to involve the community the police department conducts a fire drill within the first week of classes within the living center areas. Fire drills assist with familiarizing residents with the sights, sounds, and procedures involved with their fire system. Unannounced drills are conducted at various times throughout the year.

Intended Outcomes

  • Exposing participants to university expectations regarding police, fire, and severe weather procedures.
  • Encourage those involved to be alert, aware, and responsible for themselves, and others within the community.
  • Encourage pre-planning and awareness for unexpected events to occur within a given environment.

Program: Themes/Titles

Police Introduction

Fire Safety

Severe Weather