Grand Valley Police Department

Officer and Department Complaints

The Grand Valley State University citizen’s complaint procedure provides the public with a due process mechanism in cases of suspected police corruption or misconduct.

Citizen’s that have complaints or grievances against police officers or the department arising out of acts or omissions of officers of the department will be referred to a supervisor.  Complaints regarding department procedure can often be resolved by explaining the procedure to the complainant.  If the complainant is satisfied with the explanation, no further investigation is needed. The supervisor will conduct an investigation for all other complaints.  When deemed appropriate, the complainant may choose to meet with the officer(s) involved to discuss the incident.  The complainant will be notified of the results of the investigation.

The completed investigation and findings will be forwarded to the Director of Public Safety or designee, who will make a decision regarding the disposition of the complaint.

Visit the police department in person or contact the department by phone (616-331-3255) and request to speak with a supervisor reference an officer complaint.



Page last modified February 5, 2015