Safe Travels

Program Rationale

Safety begins when you pack. It is our intent to assist travelers with avoidance methods, safety travel tips, and alike. Often time inexperienced travelers can draw the wrong type of attention by not giving the appearance of being an affluent tourist. It is our intent that your journey is a safe one even beyond your experiences at Grand Valley State University.

Program Descriptions

This program will cover topics such as prepare for travel, what to leave behind, what to consider before you travel, things to arrange prior to departure, and safety tips for hotels, public transportation, and driving, and many others.

Intended Outcomes

  • Encourage pre-planning and risk mitigation.
  • Encourage responsible choices on breaks and vacations
  • Introduce ways be alert, aware and responsible beyond Grand Valley State University

Program Themes

Safe Travel in Your Vehicle
A disabled vehicle can leave you stranded. The police department and the Womens Center have teamed up to develop a program that will help you reduce the likelihood that you will become stranded as a result of vehicle problems. The class will be part classroom instruction and part hands-on instruction with YOUR vehicle.

Stay Safe Winter Travels
Winter travels are known to be treacherous learn how to prepare your vehicle and yourself if an emergency should occur. This program is aimed at getting you to your designation and out of the cold.

Spring Break/Travel Safety
Bon Voyage - Drinking among friends and in familiar places is one thing, but how do you ensure your safety when in unfamiliar places and among unfamiliar faces? The Spring Break/Travel Safety Program ties safe drinking and physical safety together, to educate students on the increased risks of harm when traveling across the state, nation, or internationally for spring break. Even if simply returning home, the Spring Break Safety program aims to educate students on the importance of being extra cautious when choosing to drink in new environments and with new people. The ACES Office and GVSU Police Department work together to present this awe shocking program.