Multicultural Cohort Program

What is the Multicultural Cohort Program?

The Multicultural Cohort Program (MCP) is a student academic and professional development program that connects students with similar career goals.  MCP offers comprehensive programs and workshops that focus on professional development, academic success, and personal growth. The program also provides students an opportunity to learn in a multicultural environment.

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How Do I Join?

Click Here for the online MCP Application.

Benefits of Joining
* Attend professional workshops and seminars
* Connect with university staff and departments
* Receive academic support and resources
* Participate in professional site visits to local employers
* Serve in a student leadership role
* Participate in community service projects
* Gain new skills and learn from your peers
* Learn in a multicultural environment
* Meet new people and have fun!

What Our MCP Members Are Saying

“I have a lot of fun at the meetings and really enjoy our guest speakers.”  - Deon

“I have made a lot of new friends in MCP.  Not only do we go to meetings together, we also hang out outside of MCP.”  - Peter

"MCP helped me apply for a Study Abroad trip to China!"  - Shaka

"Joining the Multicultural Cohort Program really changed by GV experience.  I have been able to expand my leadership experience and work as part of a team." -  Amanda

"The Multicultural Cohort Program has given me the opportunity to enhance my leadership and communication skills, as well as connecting me with career opportunities.  I know that gives me an advantage when applying for jobs." - Alec

Multicultural Cohort Program Coordinator

Kristie Scanlon, MSW
Assistant Director
Multicultural Affairs
Phone: (616) 331-2177
Email at