Student Accounts

Itemized Statement FAQ

Why isn't my bill itemized?
If students click on the "statement" link on the bottom left of the web bill, they will be able to see all of the activity that took place for that semester on their account.
Where can I get an itemized statement for this semester?
Itemized Statements for fall 2007 and after are available on-line. Click on My Banner, enter your USER ID (G#) and PIN, select Student, select Student Account, select Student Account Information and select any of the view and/or payment buttons. Click on detail for the fall 2007 semester.
Where can I get an itemized statement for a semester prior to fall 2007?
If you would like an itemized statement prior to fall 2007 semester you can complete the request form online at or contact the billing hotline at 616-331-2209. The statement will be available 24-48 business hours after the request has been made.

Page last modified November 23, 2009