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2015-2016 Election Results

Congratulations to the 2015-2016 Senate-Elect!

Adam Hukkala

Amy Spanczak

Andrew Hereza

Andrew McDonough

Andy Bui

Andy Oeffner

Ashley Rapp

Benjamin Soltis

Beth Hopkins

Brandon Fitzgerald

Dan Ziegenfelder

Ella Fritzemeier

Jaci Reck

Jacob Johnston

Jakob Bax

Jeanette Velasco

Jeremy Turnbull

Jes Hamlin

Jewel Haiji

Jonathan Bowman

Jorden Simmonds

Jordyn Mccarthy

Jose Rodriguez

Julia Sturvist

Kelsey May

Kevin Chui

Kristoffer Butler

Lauren LaBaumbard

Lawrence Williams

Mackenzie Butler

Maddie Cleghorn

Malayna Hasmanas

Maria Beelen

Matthew Bogden

Michael Sullivan

Nhu Nguyen

Noelle Milad

Rachel Travis

Rebecca Noell

Sean O’Melia

Shirlene Armstrong

Sydney Tyus

Tawwney Sayre

Tyler Tester

Post-Election Timeline

The following meetings will take place in the Pere Marquette Room (2204) of the Kirkhof Center. Business casual attire is strongly encouraged. You will be expected to attend all of the following meetings if elected. However, if you are unable to attend, please contact Emma Moulton at senates@gvsu.edu ASAP. 

  • Thursday, April 2nd - Meeting of the Senate-elect – 6:00PM - Nominations for 2015-2016 Cabinet positions solicited.
  • Thursday, April 9th - Meeting of the Senate-elect – 4:30PM - 2015-2016 Cabinet Elections take place.
  • Thursday, April 16th - First official meeting of 2015-2016 Student Senate – 4:30PM - Chaired by the President-elect. Standard agenda followed.