Fulfilling Requirements Abroad

Fulfill Major or Minor Requirements

Taking courses overseas within your prospective career gives students a unique perspective within their field. Explore the possibilities of fulfilling some of your major or minor requirements overseas through a study abroad program.


Fulfill General Education Requirements

General Education courses are great to take abroad as they provide students with a varied  historical, literary, political and cultural view over the country they are living in. Save some of this coursework if you can for when you go abroad.


Create an emphasis

Major fields of study have related fields of knowledge. Use your study abroad expertise to study within your future professional field. This may give you an advantage during interviews for work or graduate school. Courses in these areas could fulfill liberal education requirements, provide overall credit toward graduation, and possibly fulfill some elective courses in your major.


Gain internship or work experience

Have you considered an internship placement abroad? Internships abroad are an incredible opportunity to be placed in a work environment overseas for a month to a year. Internship placements are often customized to your personal and professional goals. You can work in tropical rainforests, market products in fashion design, or guide tourists through museums.


Learn another language

Many degree programs here at GVSU require third semester proficiency in a foreign language. There is no better and more effective way to learn a language than to study in a country in which the language you would like to acquire is spoken.


Page last modified August 29, 2012